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Who Should Use GEM Lease Analytics™?


Getting Started

GEM Lease Analytics™ uses a “Lease Wizard™” to take you through a step-by-step process

Do you need to:
Figure out the “reasonable rent” for a retail lease?
Evaluate a Retail Property you hope to purchase?
Negotiate a new retail lease?

These are just a few of the situations that GEM Lease Analytics™ can address. 

What Do I Use GEM Lease Analytics™ For?

New Lease Agreements

End of Lease Negotiations

Rental Disputes

Evaluating Appraiser’s Performance

Submissions for Rental Determinations

Due Diligence for Retail Property Financing & Acquisitions

Calculate a Reasonable Rent for Retail Leases

How Can GEM Lease Analytics™ Help?

Whether you need to analyse one lease or dozens, GEM Lease Analytics™ provides a straightforward, step-by-step process and a sophisticated analysis that gives you accurate and consistent results.

GEM Lease Analytics™ examines actual retail lease evidence, industry benchmarks and financial data to investigate what constitutes a ’reasonable rent’ for a specific retail lease and business.

GEM Lease Analytics™ delivers easy-to-understand results using colour-coded graphs and logical explanations that give you a clear understanding of how the lease being examined compares to other evidence.

Using GEM Lease Analytics™ enables you to make informed decisions.


Does Your Company Advise

Retail Tenants or Landlords?

GEM Lease Analytics™ is based on the GEM Method™ of lease analysis. The GEM Method™, or GEM™ for short, is a sophisticated analysis methodology that incorporates a unique blend of business and property economics as well as accountancy and valuation principles.

GEM Lease Analytics™ provides a thoroughly researched and comprehensive ‘value discovery’ product for use by ALL stakeholders involved in retail leasing. It provides easy-to-understand graphs, a concise table of data entered, and a detailed report that explains the analysis and its implications for the parties involved.

GEM Lease Analytics™ does NOT produce a rental valuation/appraisal in the legal sense.


Always seek independent legal, financial and business advice before entering into a lease.