Getting Started

What You Need

The foundation of your lease analysis is information, most of which is readily available from a variety of sources.

High Quality & Accuracy

High quality and accurate information will of course yield the highest quality and most accurate results. However, by using multiple types of analysis and combining several evaluation methodologies, GEM™ can provide valuable insight even in cases that are unusually difficult to compare.

It can be the difference between business success and failure.

The GEM Lease Analytics™ software depends on four basic types of information:

Info from Lease documents, Lease Disclosure documents, and Rental Statements.
Info about the retail business being evaluated
Occupancy Cost Benchmarks for the Business Type
Basic Info about Comparable Leases for shops with the same or similar “Permitted Use”

We’ve designed a value-based pricing model that is based on the annual gross rent paid, so even small retail businesses and landlords can benefit from GEM Lease Analytics™ lease analysis. You find out quickly how the lease stacks up to the current market environment and can take appropriate action.

And since the average lease runs 5 years, your annual cost is a fraction of the price you pay for the analysis – and the peace of mind you get from knowing where you stand is invaluable.

The cost of making the WRONG leasing decision multiplies every year of the lease.

Do you need GEM Lease Analytics™

to evaluate one lease?