Although only recently released to the general public, preliminary versions of our GEM Lease Analytics™ software and the GEM Lease Method™ of analysing a single retail lease have been used to help Clients for over five years. Here is a snapshot of the results they have achieved.

“In a single year, we saved almost 10 times the cost of our GEM Lease Analytics™ – an unbelievably good value! We just wish we had used this tool to challenge the rents on two other leases that recently came up for market reviews because not doing so is costing us dearly.”
“Rent for our pharmacy was $125,000 gross with 5% annual increases which just wasn’t sustainable. The GEM Lease Analytics™ results presented to the determining valuer suggested that a reasonable rent should be about $75,000… And that is where it ended up.”
It felt good to pass on a $17,500 annual savings on a 5-year lease to the new owner… And a GEM Lease Analytics™ for our other shop helped us adjust our rent so we can still offer our customers a good quality product.
Our advisor suggested using the GEM Lease Analytics™ tool as a cost-effective away to figure out what rent we ought to pay… As a result, we did a complete refit (which our customers think is fantastic) and we restored our relationship with our landlord, which was really important to us.