“We have owned more than a dozen NightOwl convenience stores. With this shop, the gross rent was $142,500, which we challenged, and we needed to present our case to the determining value. Our consultant suggested that we use the GEM Software™ he was Beta testing as it would highlight our track record, analyse all of our business metrics, and stress-test the extensive body of comparable evidence we had (provided by our franchisor).

The GEM Analysis™ suggested a gross rent as low as $75,000 per year and with the graphs and report it provided, the determining valuer was left with no alternative but to adjust the gross rent downward to a more reasonable $94,500 per year. In a single year, we saved almost 10 times the cost of our GEM Analysis™ — an unbelievably good value!

We just wish we had used this tool to challenge the rents on two other leases that recently came up for market reviews because not doing so is costing us dearly.  From now on, we’ll be using GEM Software to challenge all our leases at market review.”

Owner, multiple NightOwl franchises, 2019