Why Use GEM Lease Analytics™?

"There are millions of retail leases worldwide but the parties involved rarely know what rent they should pay or receive."

It Works!

GEM Lease Analytics™ produces a more consistent and accurate retail lease analysis than traditional methods.

GEM Lease Analytics™ provides a structured, comprehensive ‘value discovery’ tool for use by ALL stakeholders involved in retail leasing. The software examines actual retail lease evidence, industry benchmarks and financial data to investigate what constitutes a reasonable rent for a specific retail lease and business.

GEM Lease Analytics™ offers a straightforward, step-by-step process to collect data and uses several analysis methodologies to interrogate and cross-reference the ‘body of evidence’ collected.

GEM Lease Analytics™ results are presented in a series of graphs that clearly illustrate where the lease being analysed sits with respect to key metrics from comparable leases of similar businesses. Industry benchmarks, averages and proprietary algorithms add powerful points of reference. A detailed report examines the results and explains their implications for the parties involved.

By collecting pertinent evidence together, then analysing and presenting it clearly, GEM Lease Analytics™ also provides a common language to both tenant and landlord. It gives them a basis for negotiating a lease outcome that justifies the business investment and leaves an appropriate surplus for the landlord’s rent (as necessary for IFRS 16 compliance).

"You changed my life!"

Pharmacy Owner, 2018

Do You Need GEM Lease Analytics™ to Evaluate One Lease?

Using GEM Lease Analytics™ gives you the information you need to negotiate more sustainable lease outcomes.